About OmegaGlory


Omegaglory was started with the ulterior motive of becoming a paraphernalia and starting point of Gospel News and updates in Nigeria, Africa and the World at large. It first started as a free Blogspot "wonderousglory" but was fully moved to omegaglory.com


Omegaglory Classifieds is a new aggregation service from Omega Crew: your one-stop blog for finding the latest Christian news for different church services & whatever your needs may be. Search a huge array of news for people, religion, different beliefs, services, and much much more, on omegaglory.com.


Our mission is to advertise Jesus Christ every day, and as well make our viewers all over the world to believe that the greatest step a man will ever take is the step of repentance and the step of leaving a Holy life. So that on the last day we all will meet together in heaven to sing Hosanna to the Lord of Lords... Amen