Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Minister Kasaila Notes the Importance of National I.D card in His Congregation

The minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation by name Francis Kasaila has called upon the religious leaders in Malawi this weekend to come and take a leading role in brushing up and enlightening their congregations about the importance of having their National Identification Cards. 
Minister Kasaila Notes the Importance of National I.D card in His Congregation
He said that most of their congregation doesn't have the identification card and it's very important if at least, 98% percent of his congregation would have the identification card, just for their own security and for the identification of them too.

Kasaila made the call when he met the Pastors’ Fraternal for Nsanje Central Constituency. He said the clergy has an influential role in sensitizing people on various issues of development, including the national registration exercise.

“These pastors’ command a large group of followers, and if they are used to carry and spread the messages, then we will have a successful process,” Kasaila said.

He added that Members of Parliament (MPs), and all politicians, also have a similar responsibility in sensitizing the masses on the need to register and have a national identity card. During the same meeting, Kasaila took a swipe at some opposition leaders who are politicizing the registration exercise by calling for its suspension because of a few challenges that do not outweigh the whole process.

“Whatever challenges we may face in the course of implementation, the solution is not to stop it, but rather to deal with them and move on,” Kasaila said. He further trashed allegations by opposition parties that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) wants to use the process to rig the 2019 tripartite elections.

Kasaila reminded the political parties that the process is being done for the good of the nation because all the countries in the world have national identity cards.

Pastor Ephraim Kanjunjunju, who attended the gathering, commended Kasaila for acknowledging their role on issues of national development. Kanjunjunju said using the pastors in this process, will yield the necessary results.

“The church attracts a large membership, and let me ask other leaders to emulate what our MP has done by providing us with this information so that we also play our role as pastors,” he said.


  1. Well, Kasaila is a good man, coz for him to bring such idea for his congregation, it shows he cares about the identity of his people

    1. Most people today are not interested in whether you have you id card or not, but they will make sure their's is complete

  2. Kasaila is a good man. May God bless Him