Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Clergy Men Praying for their Intiatives with Word of Courage and Wisdom at London

Some Clergy Men in East London from Amalinda Methodist church prayed for almost 30 initiative in Dukarshe Township at the weekend and also imparted them with words of Wisdom.

Clergy Men Praying for their Intiatives with Word of Courage and Wisdom at London

Some representative of police encouraged the ambitions to be men of courage and men of virtue to each other, especially when thy find themselves in the society, and so did the churchmen too.

Project leader Siyanda Ngceba said the visit to initiation schools was phase two of their awareness program around circumcision.

“Before these boys went to the bush we encouraged them to do their tests and make sure they were fit for the journey ahead.

“Some die because they have diseases like diabetes that they did not know about,” he said.

Ngceba said the visit was their way of instilling good values in the young men; they told them what was expected of them when they returned to society. “On the day of the celebrations when they return, they won’t be able to hear some of the things the elders will be telling them. We decided to educate them while they are still there [at initiation school].

“We had their full attention, and I believe it was the best time to share what it means to be a man with them while they are still undergoing the journey,” he said.

The group also prayed with the young initiates.

“Their parents have high hopes for them when they return. It is important that we prepare them for that so that they become men of integrity in society,” he said.

Ngceba said it broke his heart to see young boys who were well-behaved losing their dignity after initiation school.

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