Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The Bitter Truth About Virginity

Have you ever wondered why God carefully positioned a membrane of blood in a woman's sexual opening? It is a tiny membrane that partially or completely covers the opening of the vagina, it is called the hymen. Why will God our maker put a breakable tissue full of blood at the very door of the sexual opening of the female? Why is it so carefully placed at that entrance like a ribbon tied at the entrance of a new house about to be launched? Why is it filled with blood that spills away when it is broken? why?
The Bitter Truth About Virginity
Without doubt the hymen is a gate, it was God our creator who set that blood filled vessel there as a covenant blockage, a sign and a token between the bearer and whoever plunges to her opening. Before God the dis-virginity of a woman is not a casual act of fun, it is a serious covenant struck and confirmed by the blood shed on that day. This is God way of saying, whoever plunges into this woman shall only be able to do so by making a blood covenant to be joined to her for the rest of his life from that point onward. Did you wonder why sexual intercourse was designed by God to take place only and only after the marriage contract was sealed?

The one who made the body , the hormones, organs, nerves, and tissues said in clear terms in 1Corinthians chapter 6 verse 13 ''But the body is not for fornication, but for the lord; and the lord for the body'' . Anyone who chooses to use the body for fornication must know that he/she is working directly against God plan and they will definitely be consequences, either now or later. It is a spiritual bonding, a supernatural process that takes place in a woman's heart to the first man that enters into her especially at that particular time when the hymen breaks. There's no covenant without blood.

This is why the membrane contains lots of it, as a matter of fact what happens when a woman has sex is not just sex but an ''immersion'' i.e a bathing of the man with her hymen's blood to initiate a covenant that is highly recognized in the spirit realm of both light and darkness. The first time this happens, it marks her opening day covenant ceremony and each subsequent experience goes on to further refresh or strengthen that covenant, or establish another version of it with another person. Many have washed useless boys with that hymen blood, many have struck irreversible covenants with men that have nothing to do with their destiny, many have shed that hymen in sexual activities with possessed men while some others have trucked such precious covenants with dildos,vibrator s and many other disgusting sexual materials. If only they knew many girls who carelessly allow themselves to be dis-virgined in a bid to be among the so called ''big girls'' would never have done it. Gone are the days when virginity was a thing of pride.

The holy scripture said in clear terms: ''Or know you not that he who is joined to a harlot through sexual activity, is made one body with a harlot?''. And many girls walk around today and are no less than that, they've had sexual relations with so many men and each man they meet leaves their spirit behind in them. This is why many girls are not yet married yet their spiritual composition is already shattered and imbalanced, because they have sinfully mingled their body with that of different men. Dear single ladies, know today that there's a definite proportion of your virtue that leaves you each time a man enters into you, and when that man leaves you he leaves with it.

Just imagine how much of yourself will be lost each time a man enters into you without any signed marriage bond or contract. You should know that sex is a spiritual affair, the giving of yourself to another. All of these things have strong and terrible spiritual implications, a broken hymen opens you up to the spirit of the man that broke it, any other spirit whatsoever that may have mingled with that man's spirit, those who have mingled theirs with him and the spirit of any other man that enters into you thereafter. Every man that makes love to you pours into you every evil has ever participated in, but you don't know because it's a spiritual thing.
The sincere truth is that pre-marital sex is not funny at all, what happens between the lines could be deadly. Each man you go to bed with can change your life forever without you knowing it. The very first day a woman or a man does that, there's a spiritual transfer of destiny. The sin of fornication gives demons and occultist people direct access into your God-given destiny, in addition it drives the holy spirit away from you and your guardian angel will no longer fight for you or take your prayers to heaven.

If you are a young person reading this, take heed because this can change your life. Every sexual intercourse you participate in brings two things, either it brings curses {That's when you're not married to the person} or it brings blessings { That's when you're married to the person}. There's no sexual intercourse that has no consequences, you may not see it because it's a spiritual thing. Any man you sleep with outside wedlock, leaves behind you all the evil that has been in his generation because it's a covenant which you share together. If you do not go through the process of cleansing, you are going to will be walking around with all the evil that has been in that person. This is why many girls find very difficult to stop, at the end they now give up and start living immoral lives, this is what Satan wants so that he can be able to destroy them.

Dear singles, virgin or no virgin, please repent of your sins and avoid immorality in any form. The ''world'' may approve it saying: it's your right, it's healthy, it's a free world, do whatever makes you happy etc. Do not
fall for all these for they are tricks used by Satan to lure souls into hell, if you do so you will suffer eternal punishment in hell fire. Your body is not yours, it belongs to God, it is the temple of the holy spirit, the body is not to be used for immorality this was stated clearly in 1Corinthians chapter 6 verse 13, use your body to obtain salvation from God and help others obtain that salvation too by showing them the way to true happiness which is JESUS.
SHUN IMMORALITY. May God bless you as you do so.

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