Thursday, May 25, 2017

To Become A Millionaire Before Marriage: Is It Right?

I wish I had read and understood this earlier in life. [PROFESSOR HASSAN ABUBAKAR] DEAR YOUNG GUYS and LADIES MISTAKE YOU YOUNG GUYS MUST NOT DO. 

Become A Millionaire Before Marriage: Is It Right?

Marry now with the little you have. Don't wait to be a millionaire, Have kids early so they grow along with you. 

Grow with your spouse and kids and succeed with them. Start your life now as you might still not succeed at your target age. Many people have waited to make so much money before they get married, years later money has refused to come, still no wife, no kids. 

When you've found true love don't hesitate to wait for money, it may mean waiting till eternity. So many young guys are pretending not to be financially buoyant enough to marry but are already living couple's life, so many girls are even wasting away on our streets as sex toys for men old enough to be their grandfather still they tell you they are not matured enough for marriage. 

When you marry early, you get preoccupied with your spouse and not end up as "public utility " for all and sundry, good enough your kids grow along with you. Stop looking for a "ready made" spouse, work your spouse's success with him/her grow your wealth together it gives you a sense of belonging and you'll have a say. 

If you have means, pls marry early, don't wait till you see your friends' kids graduating while you still have yours in kindergarten classes, don't wait to be 60 years and you still have kids in elementary school, don't have kids young enough to be your grandchildren. 

Contentment comes not from much wealth but fewer wants, don't wait to buy Range Sport or build Mansions before you start your matrimony, ask your parents where and how they started, you'll see that you're even better off. Trust me, it isn't money that brings happiness but contentment, be happy with the little you've got, grow with your spouse and pray for more. For the ladies, why wait? when it's even detrimental to your health to bear children late, why not do the needful.

Therefore, To Become a Millionaire before marriage is right, but it depends on the kind of business you are doing, the kind of connection you have, and the kind of friends you keep because if you keep waiting, Don;t always forget that things don't work out the way we plan them in life sometimes. Please take note.

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