Monday, May 08, 2017

12 Mistakes Made By Pastors While Evangelizing

Recently, In a workshop on pastoral work held in Luanchuan County, pastors and fellow workers have summarized the 12 usual mistakes done by pastors while doing sermons:

12 Mistakes Made By Pastors While Evangelizing

1. Some pastors haven't updated the contents of their evangelism message for many years. They always repeat the same passage in their sermons and use the same examples. Because of this practice, they can't bring fresh water or light to meet the needs of believers for their spiritual growth. 

2. Some pastors never research about the Bible. They have no theory or personal thoughts regarding its teachings. They just follow the example of others and copy another's achievement. Some pastors may even talk about heresy in class.

3. For some pastors, spirituality is not for the sake of life; but, only for evangelism. Those pastors have no experience, quality, or virtue. They are not influential at all.

4. When it comes to spirituality, some pastors just read whatever they want. They have no systematic construction in their spiritual life. They don't have a thorough understanding of the Bible. They just interpret the Bible out of context

5. Some pastors neglect the needs of believers. They can never meet the actual needs of believers.

6. Some pastors use the same way and speech content to evangelize different groups of people. They can't effectively shepherd people from different levels without adjusting their sermons for these groups to understand. When they evangelize youngsters and the elderly, they just talk about the same thing. Their evangelism is not related to life. They only take the Gospel as a kind of knowledge, which leads to the separation of faith and life. 

7. Believers cannot practice the Gospel.

8. Too much use of personal testimonies in sermons often overwhelms the truth of the Bible and disturbed the understanding of the public regarding God's mind.

9. Some pastors don't follow the teachings of the Bible. They have dominated the way of interpreting the scriptures. The information they share has been mixed up with their thoughts. They have deviated from the mind of God.

10. They use inappropriate and confusing words to interpret scripts. Their contents may not be relevant to the title.

11. The evangelism of some pastors is boring. They never seek the perfection of their contents. They never think about how they can make their evangelism more interesting and impressive.

12. Some pastors have lost their love in terms of their responsibility of shepherding believers. They only see evangelism as a task.

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