Friday, March 17, 2017

Show Him (GOD) That You Love Him.

How many days in a week do you have for God?

Show Him (GOD) That You Love Him.

Many people all over the world that called themselves believers do not have time for God, they only have time for themselves, for their works, and for their businesses, and yet they call themselves believers. 

it's hight time we stop deceiving ourselves and face the reality of life in Christ Jesus.  If you are for God, be for God and of you are for the devil 😈 , be for the devil.  

When a so called believer in Christ Jesus is saying that he or she believes in Christ, let him volunteer time for God. Make out time for God in the sense that it will affect your business.

Many of us today thinks that a believer is one that goes to church every Sunday....  The answer is a big NO.  A full grown up believer who knows what is right should always stand for the right. 

Let us assume that we are all believers as we do called ourselves and we keep just Sundays for God,  just going to church and coming back from church maybe just for 2hours or 3hours service, and then the remaining days of the week we use it for our business, how do we think that this earth will be?  

It will be for the devil,  because we left 6days for the devil and we just gave God 1day out of the 7days he created. It's not encouraging at all because God wants us to give him time. He wanna have the full time of man in service.

The funny aspect of it is that many will think that they are giving His time just on Sundays yet they will go to church and starts sleeping once the preaching from the man of God starts.

I will have to explain to us that a believer is one that truly serves God in truth and in honesty. Whole heatedly in one thought of service unto Him and Him alone. 

As from today, love and love God with all your heart. 

I beseech you today to link to this post and provide maximum time for God. 

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