Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Our Pastor Advised my Wife to Stop Sleeping With me

Solomon's marriage of 10 years is on the verge of collapse following his wife's insistence on following her pastor's instructions.

Our pastor Advised my Wife to Stop Sleeping With me

Hi People,

My name Solomon, a 38-year-old married man with three children. I have been married for the past 10 years to Nancy and in all those years, we have not had any serious problems.

But just eight months after we started attending a Pentecostal church in the new area we just packed to, our pastor is causing serious problems for us by dictating what should be done in our house.

It was my wife who actually made me start attending the church after we moved into the area. Even when we lived in our former area, she had started attending the church and had been on my neck to go there with her but I was not ready to leave the church we were attending.

But when we moved to the new area, I had no choice but to start attending the church. Before now, my wife had been made a deaconess and a member of the prayer warrior team by the pastor.

After a few months in the church, he wanted me to be a deacon but I told him I did not have the conviction just yet and I would not want to be made a deacon when I knew that I had not become a born again Christian.

The pastor tried every means to make me commit but I knew he wanted something more because every other day, he was always talking about tithes, offerings, and sowing of seeds.

I got fed up when he made it mandatory that we should be the one to buy food for his family, pay the school fees of his two children, pay his light bills and other things.

I told my wife I would no longer attend the church but my wife refused to stop attending the church with me.
Then her attitude towards me changed as she spent almost all of her time in the church attending one program or the other, neglecting her shop and the children in the process.

 She was attending all night programs every day, she fasted for days on end and at such times, would not cook in the house.

I had to resort to cooking for the children or buy food for them from roadside bukas. But the worst of it all was when she started denying me sex, giving one excuse or the other. It was later I found out from another disgruntled church member that the pastor had told my wife during a program that she must stop sleeping with me because as an unbeliever, I would spoil her anointing.

When I asked my wife, she confirmed what the pastor said and insisted that as long as I stop attending the church, I am unclean and not fit to touch her.

I am fed up of the situation and all efforts to put a rein on my wife has proven abortive. Some friends want me to confront the pastor and forcefully stop my wife from the church but I don't know if violence would solve the situation.

From Solomon,
Valued  readers, after going through Solomon's story today, what do you think he should do to save his marriage?


  1. what kind of pastor is that?
    I advice Mr. Solomon to leave that church and stop the wife fro worshiping in that church.

    1. It's not easy to leave the church that way because from the look of things, I think the woman is controlling the man. So what do u think leaving the church will yield?