Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Is Bishop OyedepoTruly Stingy?

I wonder why people will just open their mouth and start saying that a man of God like Bishop David Oyedepo is a stingy Pastor...

Is Bishop Truly Stingy?

But it has been made known to us that when he was suffering throughout his; lifetimes, Nobody was there to suffer from Him, When he was struggling to survive with the wife when there was nothing to eat or even water for him to drink, there were many rich people in the world which we all know that they did not help him to survive.

Now, Bishop Oyedepo has made money, made an investment, had a lot of things to keep for his generations to come, why are people saying that he is stingy?

Bishop David Oyedepo was once poor like you and I reading this article right now, but he was a great thinker, who believed in Himself and also had faith in God He served to the extent he never gave up on God, I will never forget the comment that He used to make then, although he wasn't yet a Rich man... Which was I CAN NEVER BE POOR? He keyed onto that word, and he made it today.

Is Bishop Truly Stingy?

If you are among those that calls him stingy man of God, It's high time you stop calling him stingy and do more than what he did, so that you will get more than  more than what he get and also you will make more than what he made in life, And also don't forget that he has not concluded his assignment here on earth, He will still do more than what you never expected that he will do.

With these few points, I guess you should know the answer to this Question: Is Bishop OyedepoTruly Stingy?


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