Monday, January 30, 2017

Christian Ladies no Longer Dress for Glory —Mrs. Durotoye

Pastor Mrs. Cynthia Yemisi Durutoye who is The founder and visioner of Daughters of the Kingdom Global Initiative, who is also marrried to Pastor Demi Durotoye, the Senior Pastor and founder of Divine Treasure Global Ministry, Lokoja, Kogi Sate. In this interview with OLAIDE SOKOYA, she talks about her experience in marriage and why women should go into politics.

Christian Ladies no Longer Dress for Glory —Mrs. Durotoye

How was your years when you were growing up?

I am the first daughter but the second child in a family of six children. My mother has three men and three ladies. My father of blessed memory was a polygamist. He had a wife before he married my mother. So, I have four step brothers and sisters from my father’s first marriage. That brings us to a total of 10 children from the same father. We all lived under the same roof with the kind of love you never can find in any average Nigerian polygamous home. It was really fun growing up with my siblings. We were brought up in an utmost disciplined and highly spiritual Christian environment.

What is your ministry?

I am commissioned of God to raise women that will, through the Spirit of God, ensure the success of their husbands, raise Godly children, be modest in deeds and relationships; women that will, through Godly wisdom, bring back Christ life to their homes, train women how to handle everyday marital prevalent problems in their homes, and pray for the success of their homes.

How did you meet your husband?

I met him in June 1990. He came to visit his friend who was a neighbour. He was an undergraduate student at the University of Ilorin then. I just got admitted for my National Diploma at the Kwara State Polytechnic. I had serious problem understanding him in the early days of our marriage. If he believes in something, he goes out all out for it without minding whose ox is gored. He is a strong hearted man and loves without holding back. I believe these are the major forces that attracted him to me.

How old is your marriage?

To God be the glory, I have been married for 21 years.

What has been your experience in marriage?

We have come through thick and thin, but we have never been deserted by the good Lord. Our marriage has been devoid of any outside interference; we enjoy so much mutuality in our home and we keep a very open financial system. It has been real fun to the glory of God.

What is your view, on ladies’ provocative dresses?

It is so alarming, so disgusting, and ungodly. The scripture is so clear on feminine modesty. Our ladies are no more dressing for glory and beauty. They are dressing naked and provocatively. I strongly believe this is the reason for increase in cases of rape, sexual seducement, and harassment in our campuses today. They have carried it to the churches and even the pulpit. It is commonplace today to see female ministers dressed like harlots. I think this is one of the signs of the end times. The body of Christ needs to seriously speak against this satanic trend and don’t allow it in our churches. The church should teach the world how to dress and not the other way round. I believe most parents are to blame, because of their permissive way of children upbringing.

What should be the role of the pastor’s wife in a church?

No matter how anointed a man of God is, he is still his wife’s baby. Pastors are so vulnerable and the most lonely people around. Though they are surrounded by church crowds, they have no real crowd of their own outside their families. It therefore behoves the pastor’s wife to always be around her husband to give him succour and encouragement during burnouts and persecutions. A pastor’s wife should be a role model to the womenfolk in any given local assembly, in dressing, in relationships and association, in wisdom, in carriage and marriage. She must be very good in the art of counselling and influencing women positively. She must be chaste and large-hearted. The roles of a pastor’s wife are endless. That is why no pastor passes through any storm without the wife.

Should Christian women go into politics?

Yes. We need feminine participation in politics now more than ever. God has called us to influence every area of human endeavours. I strongly believe we are no more in the times of Apostle Paul, when women in the society should be in total silence. The contemporary woman has shown that women are better managers.

What is your advice to all women?

Influence your worlds positively, don’t just be seen, be heard. Do everything to make sure your husband succeeds in all his endeavours.



  2. Yes, you are right, And also they (women) will bring this country Nigeria to its normal and Godly standard.