Friday, December 30, 2016

US Has Forsaken Israel, We Can Trust Only in The Lord, Says Chief Rabbi

Isreal has ben forsaken by the US, and the Jewish states have now learned to put their trust in God instead of Man. Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef the Sephardic of the Israel on Friday said: As Jerusalem and Washington continues to Face over Friday's United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements.

US Has Forsaken Israel, We Can Trust Only in The Lord

"We have to be sometimes reminded that we count on no one but Our Father in Heaven, Yosef told followers at the Western Wall. He went on telling them that Even America Forsook us last week at UN."

It should not skip our mind that the hearts of the kings and the captains are in the hands of the Lord not in the hands of a Man. Therefore we should only put all our trust in the Lord, He added.

US Secretary of State John Kerry again criticized Israel’s settlement policies in a speech a major address on the way ahead for the Mideast peace process at the State Department on Wednesday.

Furthermore, an official in Jerusalem told The Times of Israel on Tuesday, the government expects more US-led maneuvers at the UN that are critical of the Jewish state.

Washington declined Friday to wield its veto power to stop the UN resolution, setting off a renewed crisis with the Israeli government. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his aides have accused the US of colluding with Palestinians and other Security Council member-states to pass the measure.

The White House on Wednesday denied any coordination with the Palestinians over the formulation of the resolution, and called recently leaked transcripts of conversations on the matter between the top US and Palestinian officials, published by an Egyptian newspaper, a “total fabrication.”

The resolution states that the settlement enterprise “has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation of international law,” and calls for a complete end to all construction in areas Israel gained after the 1967 Six Day War.

The text was approved by 14-0, with the United States abstaining.

Defending the US abstention — and the decision to not veto — the resolution Friday, Kerry said in a statement the move would “preserve the possibility of peace.”


  1. Even the holy book (BIBLE) Made it clear to us never to put our trust in any man or any army , but on God.

    never the less , its a known fact that Israel is and will always remain the most close ally of the United states of America.

    going through the memory lane, its clear that many people in US are from Israel, no two ways about that. To me, When US decided to stay aware from voting or making use of its Veto power, it came as a shock because I never expected it.
    later I came to a conclusion that Obama will always support an Islamic state ahead of Christian or Jewish nation due to his beliefs...

    but I hope many things will soon unfold in the coming days even as Trump rubbished united nations calling them an organization where people come together to drink coffee and have a good time. with that in view , I believe he won't support UN.. Let's wait till after 20th January and see how far and what Trump will do in reaction to US resolution on Gaza

  2. I wonder why my fellow human beings will depend on Man instead of God...