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Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke's Experience While Going to African Nations on Gospel Missions.

Reinhard Bonnke illustrates:

The teaching and preaching of the word of God has been my priority because many years back which I committed myself to winning souls for God's Kingdom, God has been so faithful to fail in the area of confirming my call with signs, wonders, miracles and testimonies especially in Africa, which I will share some parts of the exhortation here with you, and I believe that it will water your soul for God, so be willing to get watered right here and right now in Jesus name, Amen.

Reinhard Bonnke uttered: I was once a small boy born in a pentecostal church like you, to a Pentecost parents just like yours, and also my father was a pastor just like some of us here. I had zeal for God from the age of 10 which my parents nurtured me till I became a grown up in God's vineyard. I heard the Lord sending me to preach the word especially to Africa at the age of 27, I went to Africa to preach the word of God in LA SUTU in Southern Africa, on my arrival at Africa, I realized that Africa has not been waiting for me and they are not interested in what I have to say to them. 

Sometimes I speak to 3 to 5 people, just maximum of "5people", that was such a poor record for my trip down to Africa. Even the "5" are not ready to surrender their lives to God fully. So I shed (tears) bitterly to God, declaring that 5 souls is not my target, "Lord you have sent me to bring your word to Africa, so come and prove yourself here in Africa"!

reinhard Bonnke experience

This cannot be the faithful word that we have in your word oh God!, then at night, I had a dream, and in that dream, the Lord showed me how he washed the map of Africa with His precious Blood and I heard a voice crying... and i only heard a repeated comment from the voice saying: AFRICA SHALL BE SAVED!!! that word penetrated my whole body, bone and marrows.

When I jumped up from bed, I was felt this great/heavy anointing of the holy ghost/spirit filled in the room, then my human sense began to think again, now that this voice said that Africa shall be saved? 

What about La Sutu?

then God continued showing me the dream for four(4) good times in the spirit realm. then I said to my wife: I think that God telling something about Africa, and God is about to do something in Africa through me. She said "Amen". then I began to shout "African Shall Be Saved"!!!

I left La Sutu, and I started my 1st crusades at Botswana, and all of a sudden I saw a crowd of thousands of people crying for the forgiveness of sins and receiving Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and then I continued as we began to have 10,000 to 12,000 and then to 34,000.

After some time, I went to India to preach the word  and my missionary team in Africa had a crusade and it was a total catastrophe and I was told, they were weeping but I wasn’t moved, sooner the word of prophecy came and the Lord said to me, "FROM NOW HENCEFORTH, MY GLORY WILL BE YOUR CANOPY".

After this, I went to South Africa, we had 70,000 and I left for Malawi, we had 150,000 – 300,000 – 500,000 and even up to 1.6 Million in a single service, and then I said to my team, if Jesus keeps saving souls like this then one day the devil will have to sit alone in hill, I wish this was true actually because hell was never created for people but for the devil and devil alone.

So don’t misunderstand me when I say – To Hell with the devil and Heaven to the People of God!!!

After one of these meetings and covenant gatherings, preaching to so many people, I said to my wife, I think this is God’s maximum, and the Holy spirit rebuked me, saying: "God has no maximum!"  – "God has no maximum!!!"

I kept crossing to countries upon countries in Africa, except some of the northern parts that I have not been able get access to yet, and most times people ask me why did you come to this country that is not even a Christian country?

I tell them; I don’t know about you but I already see this country washed in the precious blood of Jesus Christ!!!

On one of the occasions in Nigeria, my team and I were almost killed, it was in the city of Kano in the north, riot broke out and the fanatical groups try to hunt us down, but thank God they couldn’t find us,  after that time I couldn’t get a Visa to Nigeria,  for 9years I couldn’t get a Visa to NIGERIA, and Nigeria population-wise is by far the largest country in Africa.  But one door is close we don’t sit in front of it, we move to others because we believe 100 doors will be opened and after all, Jesus said go ye into the entire world, so we are not restricted!

So I went to the country of the republic of Benin, and one afternoon the phone rang and I picked, I was told the ex-president wanted to speak with me and he is an atheist and I am a hot Evangelist, so I asked, Are you he that wants to talk to me? 

The response was Yes! 

So I said, I am coming!!!

Arriving there, he (ex-president) said, Mr. Boonke I have watched two of your Videos and I have decided to call you because I want to get saved properly, I was so blessed and I have never heard anyone said, he wanted to get saved properly, so immediately I picked out my Bible and preach to him properly and Jesus saved him properly and 2 hours later, I said am sure this man is truly born again, it’s just a pity he is an Ex-president.

The following year, I took a flight to Cotonou, for the first time in my Life I had a red carpet and they said to me, the state president has sent his limousine to convey you and you now what? 

The ex-president is no more ex, he is now in Power! 

I tell you, I sat in that Limousine, blue light in front, blue light at the back, I tell you, I love it!

I said to myself, I am the ambassador of the King of kings and the Lord of lords, Halleluyah!!!

When I arrived at the palace I was excited to see the man who desires to be properly saved last year, he is truly saved now, and I asked him – Sir’ I heard that you are a friend to the president of Nigeria, he said, Yes! We are like Twins – I said, Its wonderful!

 So I asked him, can you help me get a Visa to Nigeria? He said Yes I think I can do that, to cut the long story short, I couldn’t get a Visa to Nigeria.

Some days later, The President of Nigeria sent his Private Jet to pick me up without a Visa, Ah! I was so happy serving and praising God more and more, I heard a 4hours long talk with the president of Nigeria so with wisdom I started changing our talks to preaching and at every point when I want to save him, he will say 


I'm a Muslim!

So I told him it doesn’t matter, the love of Jesus covers everyone and doesn’t discriminate, so he said continue… continue, after our meeting that day he told me – You and your team can come on to Nigeria with your Gospel Crusade, 2 months after I was told the president died of Heart Attack and all the doors closed again.

I went to the Republic of Benin and I asked – Excuse me sir, is the new president of Nigeria also your twin?

 He said no I just meet him this afternoon, So I left.

But in the afternoon my phone rang again, so the person said He is an ex-Nigeria General, – General Olusegun Obasanjo, and he wanted to meet me, so I came and we met, He exclaimed! 

Oh! Pastor Bonnke, I have read your books please come in and let us pray! 

Oh! I found that General a true born again Christian, so I said General! 

Can you help me get a Visa to Nigeria?


So he told me, try the government, if it’s not working, here is my phone number, call me, the next day I heard the General Obasanjo as put in for the presidency in Nigeria, when I heard that I went on my knees I only had one prayer for the next 2months, God let Obasanjo win and Bonnke is IN!

And he won!!!


When I saw the newspaper release that Obasanjo is now the president, I remove the paper out f my pocket and dial his number, and then  I told him, Your Excellence President Obasanjo please when Can I come? 

(I said all that in one breath) and He replied immediately!!!  I told him Am on my way.

Halleluyah!!! God has means and ways without number!!!

Before I went for my first crusade in Nigeria, I had a conversation with the devil, and I said you have kept me out of Nigeria for 9years and now I want a recovery of 900%; and to God be the glory, since then I had a massive crusade with such a great multitude of soul coming to Jesus.

Since 2000, we had over 38.5Million souls won for Jesus in Nigeria, This is Mind Blowing!!!

That is three times the population of Australia, and I want to encourage you, God can save Australia in a Week, I tell you am getting exploded with Faith!!!  and I see no impossibility!

God is so faithful to fail, We serve  a mighty God, the great commission is still very simple – Go ye, into all the world and preach the gospel to all nations – It’s so comprehensive!!!

 I was privilege to be in a ministerial meeting and then came the Questions for every attendees, give three (3) Reasons whey Jesus Died and everyone began to give 3 reasons but when it’s my turn, I said I have more than three reasons and I was asked how many reasons have you got?

I said I have 6 Billion, 2 Million, 9 hundred Thousand Reasons why my precious Jesus died!

Every Human being is one reason, for which Jesus died, and he will not be satisfied with minority saved in heaven, I will always tell you heaven is going to be bigger than Hell.

I said this same thing in a german church and the elders asked me what did you just say?

Heaven is bigger than Hell?

Did you forgot when the bible says Broad is the way to hell? And many people follow through that part? 


I felt bad, because some elders need to go back to Bible School, so I told them the bible verse you just read now, re-enforced that; listen to this, it is true that vast majority are on their way to hell, but when Jesus spoke about it, when He spoke about this high way to hell, He blocked the high way with his Cross!!!

Uptill today, the cross is the greatest blockage of the road that are saved, the worst of sinners and brought them to repentance. When we sat at the foot of the cross what we do is preach Repent!!!

The word "Repent" means change of mind’ change of direction and when there are many people on the way to hell, they don’t get there because they change their mind and direction – that’s how it works!!!

Ministers and pastors of this age need the fire of the Holyghost like never before.

They said to me I am the most untypical Preacher in Germany, and they say to me, Why do you so much shout when you are preaching?  Reinhard can’t you just reduce your voice? We are not deaf you know!

I told them It will surprise but I have actually reduce your voice, and many times I told them why I can’t just contain myself, when I see german souls losing away, in sin, adultery, alcoholic, and all kinds of sins, I can’t hold my peace, I can be cool or calm but then I will roar like a Lion!!!!

Jesus saves, Jesus still saves and I will never be calm until I see the whole world saved!

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