Saturday, December 24, 2016

Cornerstone Christian Academy is Doubling in Size

After experiencing a great maximum and unprecedented growth over the last five years, Cornerstone Christian Academy is still doubling the size of its space more than the way it was..

“We have been growing at 25 percent every year for the last five-six years,” says the  Cornerstone Principal by name  Renee Griffith. he continually said that “We’re out of room. We’re full and running over. It’s a good problem to have.” "its really a good and interesting challenge to face as long as its the will of God.

Cornerstone Christian Academy is Doubling  in Size

Afterwards, The 21,000-square-foot expansion will include a 400-seat auditorium, seven new classrooms, three sets of bathrooms, two multi-purpose rooms and a library.

“It’s very exciting and encouraging ,” Griffith said. 

“I was there when the last expansion took place. it was as if nothing is gonna work at all. We opened a new educational wing about eight years ago and reached capacity in four. When we finalized that, I didn’t realize we would need another one so soon. It’s exciting more encouraging to be a part of a growing school. We currently have up to 150 students and this will allow us to expand to 250.”

PS West Construction of Statesville is currently  managing the project. The building is expected to be operational by next school year by the grace of the Almighty God.

Griffith attributes the growth to the statewide Opportunity Scholarship and Disabilities Grant Program.

“Both of those were put in place by the legislature so families can apply for those and it covers a good portion of tuition,” she said. “A lot of private schools are seeing growth. The Opportunity Scholarship is for families and friends of a certain income level. It helps them to have an option for private education. The Disabilities (Grant Program) is based on a child’s academic ability and if they’ve been diagnosed with a learning disability. There’s no income restriction for it right now.”

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