Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Church Service Discombobulated by Hindu Extremist Accompanied by Police in India (Nagpur)

A hindu extremist was accompanied by two police men in uniform to disrupt a church during service.

A Nagpor Church which was stoned last month was once more discombobulated  by the same extremist who as well attacked them on the 27th of November.

This time, he was accompanied by two police men in uniform as he disrupted the service of St. Thomas Evangelical Church in India.

A Steady worship has been conducted on the first floor of a rented property for the past four years. In a film recorded by a church member, it is the Hindu man insisted that the pastor – Nitin Atkur, conduct the service in a Church building and not in a private place

He said that  the so-called Sunday service was causing inconvenience to the neighbourhood. The policemen who accompanied the Hindu man, noticed one of the Church members filming the interaction and he warned him to stop.

The St Thomas Evangelical Church of India was stoned last month, during the Sunday worship service by the same man who now alleges inconvenience.  Last month while the worship service was going on, a woman abruptly entered the Church while songs were being sung as part of the service and started to hurl abuses on the Pastor. Using bad language she abused the Christians attending the service. She threatened them if they continued to attend services and then left.
Pastor Atkur immediately stopped the worship songs but started with his sermon.

After a while, “a concomitant rushed into the Church to inform me that someone has been throwing huge cement bricks towards the glass window of the hall of the second floor, which was empty at that time. I rushed to the hall and peeped out of the window and viewing me at the window, immediately another brick came straight towards my face in great force. I instantaneously hid myself behind the curtain and the brick hit the window glass pane which broke into pieces. The broken glass flung into different directions. The curtain saved me from getting severely injured by the brick or the glass pieces,” said Pastor Nitin Atkur to Global Christian News.

Even though Pastor Atkur saw the man who had pelted the bricks and has now alleged inconvenience, he says he has not registered a complaint with the police regarding the two incidents that has happened.

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