Saturday, December 03, 2016

200,000 Muslims Protest in Jakarta Demands Jail for Their Christian Governor

Assuredly, 200,000 Muslims poured into Jakarta on Friday to request that the Christian governor of the city should be jailed because he insulted the Quran.

In accord to ABCNEWS the fierce ended peacefully, although 10 people were arrested. An alike anti-war which held in November turned violent, many were injured while just one was killed.

Muslim's rally in indonesia

The protesters were calling for Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, who is known as Ahok, to be arrested following a complaint of blasphemy lodged against him in October.
Ahok, who is an ethnic Chinese Christian, is alleged to have delivered a speech in September during which he accused his rivals of using the Qur'an to deceive voters. This speech was then posted online, where his words were edited to make it look as though he was directly criticizing the Islamic holy book. The Islamic Defenders Front, a hard-line group that campaigns for Sharia law, demanded his arrest.
Police have confirmed they are investigating the allegation and Ahok is not allowed to leave the country, though he has not been detained.
According to Reuters, a sea of protesters dressed in white today filled downtown Jakarta, chanting, praying and holding banners demanding that Ahok must be jailed

President Joko Widodo, who has accused hardliners of using the anger over Ahok's alleged blasphemy to destabilize his government, addressed the rally.
"Thank you and safe travels on your return from where you came from. God bless you," he told the crowd.
Ahok, a long-time ally of the President, is running for re-election in February against two Muslim candidates.
The contest has generated high political tension for weeks, with rumors of plots to undermine Widodo and scupper his chances of winning a second term in 2019.
Indonesia has the world's biggest Muslim population but recognizes six religions and is home to dozens of ethnic groups, some of which follow traditional beliefs.

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