Monday, July 17, 2017

This Country Nigeria, Will never Be Islamised, Femi Fani-Kayode Warns Buhari

We have a President and a president so to say is not to do things in the way it will suit him, he is to do things the way it will suit not just his family, but he is generally gonna do things the way it should suit every individual in the country he is their leader.
This Country Nigeria, Will never Be Isalmaised, Femi Fani-Kayode Warns Buhari
Though he can't satisfy everyone, at least he should try to make sure that 80pecrnt of the people he is ruling are happy about him being their president.

Christians wake up, and Pray harder for the peace of the nation, Nigeria is turning into something else, but may the Almighty God Deliver us.

Femi Fani Kayode has backed the position of some Christian elders - The elders had accused the Northerners of plotting to Islamise Nigeria - They also accused President Buhari of making policies capable of turning the country into an Islamic state Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode has extended his appreciation to some Christian elders who spoke out against President Buhari and the alleged northern agenda in Nigeria. 

The elders accused the President of plotting to Islamise Nigeria with some of his policies, the former Aviation minister declared his support for the position of the elders. "I commend the Elder Solomon Asemota SAN and Gen. T.Y. Danjuma-led Christian Elders Forum for warning the Buhari government to stop attempting to Islamise Nigeria, and I wholeheartedly endorse their position. 

"It is those that kill Christians and practice stealth jihad that will set this country on fire and not Asemota, T.Y. Danjuma, and the Christian elders. "Their concerns are legitimate, their observations are pertinent, and their counsel is wise. They have spoken the minds of over 90 million Nigerian Christians. 

"Theirs are the voices of restraint and reason, and it is in the interest of the Federal Government to listen to them carefully, to consider their concerns and to take their admonitions very seriously if they want peace and unity in our country. "Anything short of that will be unacceptable, will lead to greater division and will have devastating and long-term consequences for the future of our country." It had earlier reported that the 

Nigerian Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) has accused Northerners of plotting to turn Nigerian into a “caliphate.” NCEF disclosed that some Buhari government’s policies are “directly or indirectly promoting the “theocratic agenda North have for Nigeria.” Solomon Asemota, the chairman of NCEF, made this known while delivering a speech titled: “A Quest for peaceful resolution of conflict of ideology, democracy, and Islamism in today’s Nigeria.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Clergy Men Praying for their Intiatives with Word of Courage and Wisdom at London

Some Clergy Men in East London from Amalinda Methodist church prayed for almost 30 initiative in Dukarshe Township at the weekend and also imparted them with words of Wisdom.

Clergy Men Praying for their Intiatives with Word of Courage and Wisdom at London

Some representative of police encouraged the ambitions to be men of courage and men of virtue to each other, especially when thy find themselves in the society, and so did the churchmen too.

Project leader Siyanda Ngceba said the visit to initiation schools was phase two of their awareness program around circumcision.

“Before these boys went to the bush we encouraged them to do their tests and make sure they were fit for the journey ahead.

“Some die because they have diseases like diabetes that they did not know about,” he said.

Ngceba said the visit was their way of instilling good values in the young men; they told them what was expected of them when they returned to society. “On the day of the celebrations when they return, they won’t be able to hear some of the things the elders will be telling them. We decided to educate them while they are still there [at initiation school].

“We had their full attention, and I believe it was the best time to share what it means to be a man with them while they are still undergoing the journey,” he said.

The group also prayed with the young initiates.

“Their parents have high hopes for them when they return. It is important that we prepare them for that so that they become men of integrity in society,” he said.

Ngceba said it broke his heart to see young boys who were well-behaved losing their dignity after initiation school.

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Minister Kasaila Notes the Importance of National I.D card in His Congregation

The minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation by name Francis Kasaila has called upon the religious leaders in Malawi this weekend to come and take a leading role in brushing up and enlightening their congregations about the importance of having their National Identification Cards. 
Minister Kasaila Notes the Importance of National I.D card in His Congregation
He said that most of their congregation doesn't have the identification card and it's very important if at least, 98% percent of his congregation would have the identification card, just for their own security and for the identification of them too.

Kasaila made the call when he met the Pastors’ Fraternal for Nsanje Central Constituency. He said the clergy has an influential role in sensitizing people on various issues of development, including the national registration exercise.

“These pastors’ command a large group of followers, and if they are used to carry and spread the messages, then we will have a successful process,” Kasaila said.

He added that Members of Parliament (MPs), and all politicians, also have a similar responsibility in sensitizing the masses on the need to register and have a national identity card. During the same meeting, Kasaila took a swipe at some opposition leaders who are politicizing the registration exercise by calling for its suspension because of a few challenges that do not outweigh the whole process.

“Whatever challenges we may face in the course of implementation, the solution is not to stop it, but rather to deal with them and move on,” Kasaila said. He further trashed allegations by opposition parties that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) wants to use the process to rig the 2019 tripartite elections.

Kasaila reminded the political parties that the process is being done for the good of the nation because all the countries in the world have national identity cards.

Pastor Ephraim Kanjunjunju, who attended the gathering, commended Kasaila for acknowledging their role on issues of national development. Kanjunjunju said using the pastors in this process, will yield the necessary results.

“The church attracts a large membership, and let me ask other leaders to emulate what our MP has done by providing us with this information so that we also play our role as pastors,” he said.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Live A Life Of Peace

The world has come to the extent that we must stop leaving the lives of the fight, quarrel, and problems. When you think that without you, someone around you will not prosper It's not a good thought from you because you should as well remember that you are not that person's God at all.

Leave A Life Of Peace

To start leaving a peaceful life, you must first of all make up your mind, if you don't make up your mind, you might give up along the way, but when you say a word and stand on the word you declared, you will fulfill a destiny.

Many people around the world think that without them, a  family in their community will not progress because he/she is the one helping them out in so many basic things in life, you should as well know that if you don't help those family, you might not be who you are today.

I've come to realize that in the things about the world, it doesn't work out the way we think it should. Many people today have caged the life of their fellow community members, all in the name of money, while many as well have taken away the lives of their family members all in the name of money too.

Money is not everything, You might have that same money but yet there's no peace for you, but if that money came on the right track of life, you will enjoy the money and have peace when enjoying the money. Have you ever asked yourself this question: AM I LEAVING A LIFE OF PEACE?

If you couldn't give yourself a right answer to this question, then I think you should as from today amend your life. Stop leaving a troublesome life and start leaving a peaceful life. Start makingPeace for aa broken marriage and stop being the one scattering it more.

I've seen people that like to scatter a God arranged family and instead of them to thinks of how to arrange their own family to be the best family in the world, instead they will go around destroying other people's marriages! We must stop all those immoral lives of quarrels and troubles and we have to start leaving the life of Peace wherever we enter. 

Your new name as from today should be Peace, both Peace in the family, Peace in the Community, Peace in the State and peace in the country. That should be what we should be known as because If you are a Peacemaker, People will always value you in every aspect of life.

Although if you are a peace maker most people in life will become your enemy, especially people that see that see that they are leaving the lives that they refuse to change, All you should do is to make sure that your life is hidden inside Jesus Christ and Him alone will be there fighting for you.

The Most enjoyable part of life is when Jesus is the one fighting for you, You don't even need to pray for victory because His name is Victory, He just needs to have faith in Him, because you must believe in something before that thing works out for you.

Moreover, I will tell YOU that is reading this post today, If you have been leaving a Just, truthful and peaceful life, You must continue with your good works, don't ever give up because of the trials and temptations you see around you. 

Many People today have changed their ways of living from peaceful life to a rough life because of the things that happened to them, but I want to encourage you today with this post to Never Give up, keep doing good because one day your good will speak for in a place yo never imagined it will.

When you do things for people and out of 10people it was only 1person that came back to appreciate you, just accept it because it's the way things were in the time of Jesus when he was on earth here, after healing ten lepers, it was just one person that came back to appreciate him, so you should not feel bad, instead you should feel better, that you are the savior of the world after Jesus Christ.

In the essence of life, we should finally know that we are not of the but we are in the world. as soon as things about this world change our mentality from positive to negative, that is when you make yourself part of the worlds. From today make your life to be a peaceful life for yourself, for people around you and by yourself too.

In conclusion, leaving a life of peace will establish things you never expected for you and your future to come, though it might only take time...but you must do the right thing because deep inside your heart, you know the right thing and you must do it, not just for your sake alone, but for your generations to come which you are dropping a nice legacy to follow when they come forth.

And as well your name will be recorded among the peacemakers, no matter where you are, even when you are dead too. it will bring a great and nice fruitfulness to your world and even in your next world to come. Wherever you are right now, make sure you amend your ways and you will see God's glory being fulfilled in your life and family in Jesus name amen!

Share this post to many just to change the lives of some, and to win a soul for Christ. Jesus Love You! 

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

All Christian Students Should Stop Studying Islamic Studies In Secondary School, Christian Preachers Pronounces!!!

Many Christian Preachers have stood on their feet against the government to compulsively making Islamic studies in most secondary schools in Nigeria and now forcing the Christian student to be a part of it, which is not right at all.
All Christian Students Should Stop Studying Islamic Studies In Secondary School, Christian Preachers Pronounces!!!
Last week, Christian leaders associated with the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) met in Lagos to discuss their opposition to the introduction of Arabic Studies in secondary schools in Nigeria.

The religious leaders present at the meeting include Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor W.F. Kumuyi of Deeper Life Bible Church, Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church, Bishop Mike Okonkwo of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) and Reverend Felix Omobude.

The leaders called for the immediate reversal of the Revised Basic Education Curriculum, especially the removal of Christian Religious Studies (CRS) as part of a subject known as Religion and National Values, NAIJ reported. The pastors argued that CRS should be considered as a separate subject just as it has always been.

They also called on Christian students across Nigeria to "not attend Arabic classes," claiming that the government lacks the authority to force the children to attend the compulsory lessons.

"We are aware of orchestrated plans to subtly use this policy as a means of forceful religious indoctrination and we maintain our stand against it," the PFN stated.

"Government has no right to force subjects on any any Nigerian child neither does it have the authority to drop Christian Religious Studies at the Senior Secondary School level while asking him/her to continue to read Islamic Studies which he/she cannot do at the university level," said Oyedepo.

The bishop also emphasized that the removing CRS from the curriculum automatically meant that it would not be embraced at the tertiary institutions.

Omobude, who serves as the national president of PFN, expressed concern over the controversy surrounding the Revised Basic Education Curriculum and pointed to the case of in Kwara State where a Christian female student was allegedly beaten and forced to take Arabic Studies against her wish.

Meanwhile, Kate Nwufo, the acting Executive Secretary of Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council, denied claims that CRS has been removed from the curriculum.

"We have developed a curriculum on religion and national values to expose pupils to see the relationship between moral values - which entails religion, social values - and civic values," she said.

The Christian Association of Nigeria, the largest Christian organization in Nigeria, has alleged that there is discrimination against Christian students in the curriculum and has called on the government to publish full details of the new courses.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Who is a Wife Material?

Prayer is the number one thing that every wife material should do, for the sake of the husband and the children as well. Though she might say that the husband should be the one praying for her, YES: he should pray for her as well, but it should be made known to her that a woman has a basic role to play in the family. When the woman leaves what she is supposed to do for the man to do it, especially praying for the family, that family might crumble on the way.
Who is a Wife Material?
A wife material is the only woman that mentions how good her husband is to her friends outside there, even when the man might not be playing his role in the family

A wife material is the only woman that knows the heart of her husband, A woman that cares for her husband, A woman the protects her husband, A woman that appreciates her husband. A woman that tells her husband the right thing to do, A woman that talks good about her husband, A woman that only glorifies her husband no matter how too short or too small he is, A woman that prays for her husband.

Whenever you are in the midst of your fellow ladies, stop telling them that your husband is not good. Stop telling them that your husband is a womanizer, and stop telling them how you live with your husband at home, the reason is that the day you will have a little misunderstanding with them or any one amongst them, they will use your words against you.

Every woman should wake up from sleep and try to know how to protect your home, although today in life women are the ones doing almost every work in the home, both homework and compound work. Does that mean that there are no men around them? Ther is. But the reason is that most women allowed their husband to be doing so, most women leave their husband to misbehave and even turn them to a hunch back in the home.

Don't permit him to do so, whenever he comes home late, show him his house work to do, stop pitying for him. He worked tirelessly in the day, so whenever he comes back home, he should just eat, take his shower and sleep, it is good to do so, but you have to let the man know that there is a lot of work a home. That he needs to do as well, irrespective of the time he came back.

Women!!! Wake up and build your husband to the test of who you want him to be for you, But that doesn't mean that you should fight him whenever he said that he won't do it. Whenever he said that he is tired just permit him to rest, but the due time for rest has come and gone, and you mad sure that he a had enough rest, don't forget to bring it as an alarm in his ears so as for him to know that it is his work.

As from today that you have read this post, I believe that you have learned a lot of things hat will change your family and your love life with your husband. Don't forget to drop your comments in our comment box. Remain blessed.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

A Hit Back Of How Facebook Cross And Bible Emoji Came into Existence

Is Facebook a social media for evil? I guess No, but some people in the world today have used it to do a lot of evil that is never expected to happen. Though the world we live in today is an evil world, we all that call ourselves Christians should wake up from the slumber of Facebook, make Facebook our home for evangelism.

We Need Cross And Bible Emojis on Facebook

Make it a home converting souls into the kingdom of God, not just been there to join the people of the dark kingdom to do what is never expected to do. most time we think that nobody is seeing us but of a truth my brothers and sisters in Christ... Someone is seeing you. Who is that? That Invisible man is (JESUS CHRIST).

That is why we have brought it to the notice of the owner of Facebook to please, please and please, add some cross, Bible emojis on Facebook for us.

Facebook won’t be bowing to a conservative Christian evangelist and internet personality’s plea for a cross reaction emoji anytime soon. 

Earlier this month, the social network rolled out a rainbow flag reaction emoji, allowing users to honor the LGBTQ community when responding to friends’ photos, statuses, and other posts. When the emoji was unveiled June 9, Facebook officials said they created the reaction in an effort to “celebrate love and diversity” while reaffirming the company’s stance as “a platform that supports all communities.” For many queer people specifically, the icon felt like a special nod to the rainbow flag’s creator, Gilbert Baker, who died in March. 

Still, the move incensed some conservative Christians. On June 24, Facebook user Hikmat Hanna posted an image asking the social network to create a cross reaction emoji. The next day, Hanna’s post caught the eye of Arizona-based evangelist Joshua Feuerstein, who shared the image with his more than two million Facebook followers. 

As of Friday afternoon, Feuerstein’s post had racked up more than 19,000 likes and had been shared more than 9,000 times. “You can’t cheat nature. God cannot create people of the same sex to ever fall in love with one another,” one person commented. “He can’t.” Added another: “People took a symbol like the rainbow which means beauty and a non-destructive action and turned it into a destructive sinful symbol.” 

Others, however, took a defensive stance. “Perhaps as Christians, we should be more worried about our own sins and learning the word of our Lord before passing judgment onto others or worrying about what reactions Facebook has available,” one user wrote. “Just a thought.”  

Either way, a Facebook spokesperson squashed Feuerstein’s request, telling HuffPost in an email Thursday, “This reaction is not actually available on Facebook, and is not something we’re working on.” 

We need cross, Bible, Rosary and Christian Emojis on Facebook, they exclaimed!!!

Feuerstein’s conservative views are well-established. In 2015, he unsuccessfully tried to order a cake that read, “We do not support gay marriage,” from a Florida bakery. Later that year, he made headlines when he recorded a video blasting Starbucks for using minimalist red cups without any direct reference to Christmas during the holiday 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Every Woman Saves the DNA of Any Man They Have Sex With

A new study found that women retain and carry living DNA from every man with whom they have unprotected sexual intercourse. The finding was made from the University of Seattle and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.
Every Woman Saves the DNA of Any Man They Have Sex With
It is not clear how solid these findings are but the study, which was focused on the female brain and genetics, found that 63% of women have brains that harbor DNA that originated from another individual.

This male DNA  happens to be genetically distinct from the cells that make up the rest of the woman. Following a careful study, the researchers found that the male DNA in those women’s brains were from present or past lovers. The DNA was genetically fused to the women’s brain and will be there for her entire life.

The discovery was reportedly made by accident. The researchers had originally been trying to determine if women who have been pregnant with a son might be more predisposed to certain neurological diseases that occur more frequently in males. To do this, the scientists had to pick apart the female brain and in so doing they discovered that the female brains often harbor “male microchimerism“. This means the presence of male DNA that originated from another individual.

At first, the researchers assumed the male DNA found in the female brain was from a male pregnancy but when an autopsy was carried out of the brains of women who had never been pregnant, let alone have a male child, the same male DNA was found in their brains. This led to great confusion and the scientists concluded that the male DNA was left in the women by every man they have ever had sex with. The study concluded that sperms are living cells and every time a woman's body absorbs spermatozoa from a man, it becomes a living part of her for her entire life.

"Sperm is alive. It is living cells. When it is injected into you, it swims and swims until it crashes headlong into a wall, and then it attaches and burrows into your flesh. If it’s in your mouth it swims and climbs into your nasal passages, inner ear, and behind your eyes. Then it digs in. It enters your bloodstream and collects in your brain and spine," Your Newswire reports.

Managing Your Home part4 by Pastor Faith Oyedepo

For the past weeks now, we have been looking at how to manage our home.  We have seen from the previous teachings man’s placement in the home. From the Scriptures, we have evidence of some individuals who succeeded in their homes. Also, last week, we saw how effective the tool of prayer is in home management.

Managing Your Home part4 by Pastor Faith Oyedepo

This week, we will be looking at Hospitality in the home. You must be sold out to hospitality; it’s the path to God’s presence and honor in your marriage and home. Hospitality is the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests or strangers, especially in one’s own home. Being friendly (Hospitable) is very important in marriage. Before a true marriage occurs, there will be some sort of friendship going on between the two parties. A friendly and open home is commended by God and receives honor and promotion from both God and men.

Genuine and sincere, hospitality brings with it certain honors; though it may take a great deal of sacrifice, it has great rewards also. Rebecca is an example of one whose hospitality led to marriage. When Abraham’s servant came to Mesopotamia to take a wife for Isaac, he stopped and looked up and said a prayer to God: 

Let it come to pass, that the damsel to whom I shall say, let down thy pitcher, I pray thee that I may drink; and she shall say, Drink, and I will give thy camels drink also: let the same be she that thou hast appointed for thy servant Isaac… (Genesis 24:14).

The servant, knowing the kind of family to which Isaac belonged (a family addicted to hospitality) prayed for a kind and hospitable wife for Isaac. He knew that any woman who would offer water to a stranger and his camels could take special care of Isaac. The criteria were not possessions, height, beauty or education, just a warm, loving heart.

It is a known fact that where the angels of God are found, signifies God’s presence. It is an honor to have angels as your guest, especially since we know that they never come and leave without a good report.  God’s Word says:  Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares (Hebrews 13:2).

Abraham is an example of someone who entertained angels. Together with his wife, they both made the visitors feel welcome, relaxed and refreshed. Abraham and Sarah, by their hospitality, received a definite time as to when their son would be born (Genesis 18:9-10). They were to enjoy the honor of parenting by that singular act of hospitality.

Concerning this, the Scripture says: Distributing to the necessity of saints: given to hospitality (Romans 12:13). When you are given to hospitality, you distribute to the necessity of the saints. As a distributor of blessings, you will never lack blessings. At the same time, you never lose your reward.

Many women are easily irritated. They are unapproachable and explode in anger and resentment too easily. Rather than being one of such, be accommodating. Let your home be conducive for people to stay and get blessed.  By so doing, Sarah and Abraham entertained angels unawares and set the pace for their long-awaited miracle. Read the story of the Shunammite woman in 2 Kings 4:8-10. She was referred to as “a great woman.” What made her become a great woman? HOSPITALITY! Your greatness in life has to do with your level of hospitality.

If you are not hospitable, your greatness may remain a dream that may never be realized. This woman always constrained Elisha, the man of God to eat and carry in their home. She made her home a comfortable place for Elisha, the minister. No wonder, her prayer was heard and she bore a son after many years of barrenness, according to the word of the prophet (verses10 –17). Not only that, her dead son was also raised back to life later on. Hospitality will make you more fruitful than you are right now. Don’t always eat all your food and drink all your water alone, sharing with nobody!  Try to be hospitable to others.

You need the grace of God upon your life to be hospitable. This grace can only be accessed by those who are the children of God. You become a child of God by confessing your sins and accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  If you are set on it, please say this prayer:  “Dear Lord Jesus, I come to You today acknowledging that I am a sinner who needs Your forgiveness. I believe You died for me and rose again on the third day. Forgive me of my sins, wash me with Your Blood and write my name in the Lamb’s Book of life. Thank You, Lord, for saving me.”

Congratulations! You are now born again! All-round rest and peace are guaranteed you, in Jesus’ Name. Call or write, and share your testimonies with me through; OR 07026385437 and 08141320204.

For more insight, these books authored by me are available at the Dominion Bookstores in all Living Faith Churches and other leading Christian bookstores: Marriage Covenant, Making Marriage Work, Building A Successful Home and Success in Marriage (Co-Authored).

Monday, June 26, 2017

Five Years Old Girl Pregnant

This is such a shocking news to the parents of this child and also t the people around, hearing that just a kid of 5yeers is pregnant. It has been confirmed that by the parents of the child that their daughter is truly pregnant, which was such a sad news to the mother and the father of the five-year-old girl.
Five Year Old Girl Pregnant

Parent Confirms Five-Year-Old Daughter Pregnant

A five-year-old girl in what can only be described as incredible has been confirmed pregnant in a remote village of Kanke local government, Plateau State.

Reports say that the father told newsmen that, his daughter of Five years began to complain of excruciating pains in her groin which they didn't pay commensurate attention to. After a while, they noticed that her breasts were developing, all of which they attributed to early adolescence precocity.

Their fears were confirmed after tests were carried out on her when they noticed her protuberant tummy. They pregnancy test came back with a positive verdict.

According to reports, the locals and family of the girl are still in a state of shock, considering the girl's age and biological placing.

People of Plateau State are still wondering why a grown up man would even think of having sex with such a small girl at that age, which is not yet verified of who did it though.

The child's parents said, the perpetrator of the strange act is not known but the police have begun an inquiry with the view to unmask the identity of the perpetrator of the heinous crime.